Coterminous Lease Agreement

But there is another problem: if the duration of the other contract ends, will it result in the termination of your contract? I would not count on Coterminous to say that. I would say that explicitly. Delay: if a tenant does not comply with the terms of the lease, there is a delay. As a rule, after a default of payment, the owner can exercise all his rights in the rental agreement in order to repossess the property and demand the refund of the money. Full Payout Lease: a leasing in which cash flows return to the lessor the cost of acquiring the asset, the cost of financing and an acceptable return on investment. Operating contract: For accounting purposes, an operating contract is a lease that is not a financial lease. These are usually used for short-term device rental contracts. Certificate of confirmation and receipt of the rented equipment: a written confirmation from the lessee that he has received the equipment for rent and that he has accepted the equipment satisfactorily after full inspection only for the purposes of the rental contract. .

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