Yufa Collective Agreement 2019

3) the bargaining unit known as Unit 3 in the collective agreement between employers and by collective agreement from 16 November, known as Unit 3, in 2005 until 31 August 2008 as in art. 3 of this agreement, this unit is made up of all graduates enrolled at the University of York as full-time students who receive financial assistance from the university or through the university and who are employed in administrative activities, office and research in connection with this assistance, with the exception of scientific assistants, line managers, persons with the rank of line manager and persons for whom a union exercised bargaining rights at the time of the agent`s application; (designated negocation unit) 2. When the parties enter into a new collective agreement before making a decision, they inform the Ombudsman`s arbitrator and the mediation arbitration is thus closed. 2009, about 1, 18 (2). The parties have already endorsed several important points that build on our shared commitments to social justice, justice, diversity and inclusion, as outlined in the latest updates. These include agreements on an equal pay exercise and an Aboriginal hiring program. Today, we presented several proposals to help the parties move to a renewed collective agreement with the help of third parties. Note: This law was repealed on November 15, 2019. (See: 20) Last night, YUFA concluded its vote to ratify a collective renewal agreement with York University. We are pleased to inform you that membership has ratified a new three-year collective agreement. The latest updates are available at: yorku.ca/yufa-bargaining Employers` team has also proposed an inter-surface wage increase (ATB) each year of a three-year renewal contract. The parties have concluded collective bargaining for new collective agreements for approximately seven months, including conciliation and mediation with the support of Ministry of Labour staff, but have not resolved their differences. A vote of the members of the negotiating units represented by the Union on the university`s latest offer was organised.

This offer was rejected by all bargaining units. The Ministry of Labour`s ongoing efforts to assist the parties in resolving their disputes through mediation have been unsuccessful. Negotiations are deadlocked and the parties are clearly stalled.