South West Native Title Settlement Agreement

SWALSC welcomed the Court`s decision to apply the ILUS registration and will advance the implementation of the comparison in the coming year. The Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions and the six Noongar Regional Corporations will enter into joint cooperative and management agreements for the maintenance and protection of the property. The attachment of the Noongar peoples to the country and the desire to improve and protect access to important places were key elements in the settlement negotiations. Two separate heritage agreements, the Noongar Standard Heritage Agreement and the Noongar Heritage Partnership Agreement, were negotiated. The Noongar Standard Heritage Agreement came into effect in June 2015. From the date of their execution, June 8, 2015, the 2015 Colony ILUAs require the VA government to use an agreed model for cultural heritage, the Noongar Standard Heritage Agreement (NSHA) to conduct investigations into Aboriginal heritage in THE ILUA territories. The NSHA is also the standard heritage contract for the industry (see below). On February 26, 2019, walga hosted an event to update the South West Native Title Settlement, the most comprehensive native title agreement negotiated in Australian history and extending beyond 101 Western Australian Local Governments. See below for the presentations: “The benefits of the agreement have long been delayed by the recent litigation, and I call on all noongars to unite behind the colony, unite to create powerful Noongar Regional Corporations and maximize the significant opportunities offered by the agreement for the benefit of the community as a whole.” “It came from SWALSC, which brought the different groups together and developed the idea, instead of having disputes and challenging the issues to have a comprehensive solution,” he said. “Today`s High Court decision will end a five-year appeal to end the negotiated agreement that was adopted by the Noongars in 2015 in six approval sessions.” This agreement offers the people of Noongar considerable opportunities to achieve long-term social, economic and cultural outcomes,” he said. A fundamental part of the colony is the recognition of Noongar as the traditional owner of the southwestern region of Western Australia. On June 6, 2016, the Noongars were recognized by an ACT of the VA Parliament as the traditional owner of the southwest region of Western Australia. The condition provides that the owner of Tenure and the Native Title Agreement Group (currently represented by the South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council) do not reach agreement on another Aboriginal cultural heritage agreement within 20 business days of the start of negotiations, so that the tenure holder must execute and conclude an NSHA only under the terminology changes required for the mandate (i.e.

in the form shown here).