Memorandum Of Agreement Gsis

The GsIS Financial Assistance Program (GSAL) is the latest lending and consolidation program of GSIS, which allows GSIS members to transfer their loan of EUR 500,000,000 to the pension fund of credit institutions, such as state-owned banks and cooperatives, duly accredited by their agencies. The loan, which has a lower interest rate of six per cent per annum and a longer repayment period of six years, is paid directly to the credit institutions. GSIS M. Fortuna, GSIS collaborators, Dr Dalid, Ms Boiser) Good news for DRMC employees, GSIS and DRMC had finally signed a Memorandum of Understanding for GFAL or GSIS Financial Assistance Loan, represented by Mr. Oscar Paul B. Fortuna, GSIS Tagum City, Dr. Bryan O. Dalid, Dr. Bryan O.

Dalid, DRMC Medical Center, 2019. This high-end loan could help eligible DRMC employees prepare their funds to meet their other needs. Instead of using private lenders for a new loan, qualified members are advised to optimize their GFAL and enjoy the benefits of lower interest rates and longer payment terms.